The child finder. part one.

Okay let’s start at the beginning. Just over a year ago if someone had asked me what’s your life like I would have said just normal just like everyone else’s life,just a boring average life where nothing really happens, but that was before my accident, on that day I was riding my motorbike going to see my son when I guess fate showed up in the form of a very big truck with a driver asleep at the wheel. I don’t really remember a lot after the truck hit me,but my doctors say that I was very lucky which was hard to believe because when I was in the ambulance on the way to the hospital I died, but only for a minute, it didn’t take long before I was in a operating room with a few doctors and nurses trying to keep me alive and all the machines they had.
For over 20 hours they battled to save my life and at one point during the operation I died yet again, but this time I was gone for over 5 minutes.
Now as you my not know when someone is gone for that long they should have called my time of death after just 3 minutes,but one of the doctors didn’t give up on me, why you may ask yourself well because that day was his birthday and he didn’t want anyone dying on his birthday, just another hand of fate for me I guess.
Well I got to tell you when your dead for that long something some times happens to you and oh boy something happened to me that day because where ever I went I brought something back with me of course I didn’t know that for a very long time after because when the doctors had finished putting my broken body back together I was in a coma for some time, 3 months in fact.
After I woke up from my coma I knew something was different with me, but I just couldn’t understand what, my body was so badly damaged that I couldn’t walk, in fact I couldn’t do anything not even talk. The doctors told my family that I wouldn’t walk or talk ever again that I would basically be a lifeless body on a bed, but my brain was working just fine, more than fine with readings off the chart and let me tell you this its because of my off the chart brain that I am able to write my story.
Over the next 3 months I showed so much improvement that even the doctors was saying it’s a miracle, not only was I able to start talking again, but I started to move my arms and legs, it took time and a lot of hard painful work,but I did walk again and now I am more than fine now I have a better than normal life.


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