The child finder, part two.

Well as you can imagine my recovery was very painful, but at the end of it all I was back to normal with the walking and talking thing,but I still felt there was something very different about me. I hadn’t been back to work as yet which in a way was a good thing because I was able to stay up longer before going to bed, one Friday night I was visiting my friends for a few drinks and chat when a very old friend turned up out of the blue, it was another hand of fate because that night changed my life forever. My old friend was a healer of souls or so he says, I never really believed that,but he did and that was good enough for me, we talked about what had happened to me and the feeling of something different in me and when I has finished talking he just said we’ll let’s find out what it is that’s inside you, which I didn’t really understand what he meant, but I said okay to him anyway. We need to go into a dark room to do this he said so we asked our friend if we could use her sons bedroom, she said yes and we asked her son if he could leave the room which he didn’t like to do because he was playing on his x box at the time, but he understood in the end.
So my friend and I sat down on the floor facing one another and he lit up a candle which he had borrowed from are friend, he said a few words over the candle in a language I didn’t know then he told me to relax and take a few deep breaths, when I did that he said close your eyes and just listen, he put his hands on my shoulders and he started softly chanting words in another language again. As his voice got a little bit louder I noticed he sounded more like a woman and I thought that was a bit odd, but still I kept my eyes closed when all of a sudden in my mind I could see a old wooden door with cobwebs over it and I was in a very old room, it was just as if I had fallen asleep and was having a very wired dream. Suddenly the door started to open with a very squeaky sound like in the old horror movies, when the door had finally opened there in the doorway stood a woman, she was kind of pretty about 30 years old with long blonde hair and was wearing a black dress with a cloak and hood, she smiled at me and walked into the room. Hello she said my name is Rebecca, she walked right up to me and put her hands on my shoulders just like my friend was doing to me, my friends chanting was getting very loud now, this strange woman ran her finger through my hair and said to me in a soft voice, you and me are going to get along just fine, I said what do you mean by that, but she just smiled and put hand back on my shoulder.
All of a sudden there was a bright light and all I could see was white and I felt myself falling backwards, I was back in the room with my friend and he had fallen backwards too just as the candle flame jumped up about three feet with a blinding white light, within seconds flame was blown out and the bedroom was dark.
my friend and I both looked at each other and he said bloody hell that was a white witch, you brought back a white witch, then I said what was with all that chanting in that strange language you sounded like a woman, he said I wasn’t chanting I didn’t say anything it must have been her doing that.
We both sat up and looked at each other in total silence for what seemed like a few minutes, then at the same time we both said I need a very strong drink.


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