The child finder part three.

The very next day I woke up and I was still at my friends place and the events of last night seemed like a dream, it was early morning so I got up and went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, to my surprise I had a thin streak of blonde hair exactly where Rebecca had run her finger through my hair,but that was just a dream wasn’t it or was it because I drank too much whisky. I ran the cold tap in the sink and splashed some cold water over my face and looked back in the mirror, the blonde streak was still there so I did it again with the cold water in my face and looked back up into the mirror, this time to my shock and horror instead of my own face in the mirror it was Rebecca, I must be dreaming I said out loud and to my horror Rebecca answered back, well I got to tell you I almost crapped in my underwear, your not dreaming she said. I was just about to speak when she told me to shut up and relax and to listen very carefully because she could not hold her image in the mirror for very much longer, she told me that when I died in hospital for 5 minutes she was able to join with me and that she had died over a thousand years ago, she also told me that she had been kind of floating around waiting for the perfect match for her so that she could enter that body and sort of live again, she said that when she was alive she was a powerful white witch that had what I would call supernatural powers and she was willing to give me the same powers because I had a destiny to use her powers to find missing children, there was a pause in her little speech so I said why would you help me find missing children, because she said when she was alive children went missing all the time and people would come to her to help find them and that her own child was taken and with her powers she found her daughter, but it was too late to save her life, so from then on she made it her life’s work to find the children before they too was murdered or worse.
Now when I give you my powers it’s going to hurt a lot, like headaches really bad headaches, but don’t worry you will survive this so I will give you them a little at a time because if I gave you all powers all at once your brain would more than likely melt. I can not hold my image in this mirror any more so I will have to say goodbye for now, do you have any questions, yes I do, so what you are saying is I am your perfect match your soul mate, yes that’s right she said, well that’s just great I said, my perfect soul mate turns out to be a white witch who has been dead for over a thousand years, just great, just bloody great. Rebecca just smiled at me and then she was gone and I was looking at myself in the mirror once more. Bloody great I said to myself, the perfect match up.


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