The child finder part five.

The next morning I woke up in a cold sweat like I had been running all night, I told Rebecca of the nightmare I just had,but she already knew what I had seen, I was running through the woods with a pack of men after me,it was night time and they all had flaming torches like you see in the horror movies, they knocked me out and when I came to they had tied me to a stake in the centre of town, I could hear them shouting burn the witch over and over again, as they lit the wood stacked up by my feet I started shouting strange words, it was a spell that lifted me out of my body and away into the night, that’s when I woke up.
That’s how I died said Rebecca, well how my body died, I am so sorry for what you went through, you was a white witch that didn’t hurt anybody I told her. Anyway we have work to do so after breakfast we should carry on with the next of my powers she said.
After breakfast Rebecca told me to go to the café in the village to practice the next power which was reading people’s minds, as I sat down a waitress came over to me and asked to take my order, just a coffee thanks I said, Rebecca told me to try and relax and clear my mind and just listen, I did just that for 15 minutes, but I heard nothing, what am I doing wrong why can’t I hear anything, okay said Rebecca try this, imagine that you are sitting in the woods with no sound around you not even the birds singing, so that’s what I did and after a few minutes I heard something, it was the voice of the waitress saying that she hated the job and wanted to do more than waiting on tables, I couldn’t believe it this was me reading her mind which was shocking, but at the same time it was awesome.
I opened my eyes to see the waitress standing a few feet away from me taking a man’s order, he was a bit of a fat man and he ordered a full English breakfast, after the waitress was gone to give the man’s order to the cook I closed my eyes and pictured myself in the woods again, this time I heard the man’s voice within seconds he said I don’t care what my doctor or wife said I love my food too much to give it up, I opened my eyes with a bit of a smile on my face.
This is so awesome Rebecca I said, next I looked across the café and saw an old woman writing something down on a small writing pad so I closed my eyes yet again and heard her voice saying bread milk ham potatoes fish, it was a shopping list, I opened my eyes and stood up and walked over towards the old woman, behind her was the rack of today’s papers and as I picked one up I looked over her shoulder at the writing pad in front of her and sure enough she had written bread milk ham potatoes fish in the same order that I had heard her say, I sat back down at my table with the news paper.
Wow I said to Rebecca this is amazing, and she replied wow yourself you have learned this power very quickly I am very impressed. I drank my coffee down quick because it was almost cold anyway and looked through the news paper, not lot going on in the world that I was interested in, then I got to the job section and saw there was a job going in the local dental surgery, I circled the ad and got up with my empty cup and walked over to the waitress, thank you for the coffee I said as I paid for it then I showed her the ad in the paper and said maybe you should go for this job I am sure you would be great at it and gave her a smile, thank you she said I will.
I went home with a big smile on my face, when I got home I told Rebecca that I wanted to learn the next power, but she said it was too dangerous to learn two powers in one day,after some persuasion she agreed to me learning the next power.
The next power was to be able to see into the future, okay I said what do I have to do, Rebecca told me to lay on my sofa and close my eyes and think of sitting in the woods again as this seemed to work well with the mind reading power, after I did this for about half an hour I saw myself turning on my television and turning it onto the news channel, a news reader was saying that there was a bush fire in Australia that was getting out of control and the next story was about a fishing boat going missing off the coast of America, I opened my eyes and turned on the television and turned it to the news channel and sure enough the same newsreader was telling the story of the bush fire and the next story was about the missing fishing boat. I turned off the television and sat back down on the sofa and said to Rebecca well that was easy enough, Rebecca told me that she was very impressed with me, as she was talking I could feel a headache coming on, it started off small, then all of a sudden it got very painful and I passed out on the sofa.


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