The child finder part six.

After I passed out on my sofa I woke up the next day, I called out to Rebecca a few times, but got no response so I went to my kitchen and made some breakfast and a cup of tea, I was just drinking my tea when all of a sudden Rebecca called out in a booming voice, are you okay, the shock of that made me spit out the mouth full of tea all over the kitchen table and I could hear Rebecca go into a fit of laughter, I asked her where she was when I was calling her, but she just kept on laughing, never mind I said, after she stopped laughing she said she did try and warn me it was dangerous to learn two powers in one day, anyway I said shall we continue with the next of your powers.
Okay let’s try seeing into the past for today, here’s what I want you to do, think of yourself sitting in the woods again, but this time I want you to think of the world going in reverse she said. So that’s what I did, I closed my eyes and I could see myself sitting in the woods, but this time I could see birds flying backwards and instead of the leaves from the trees falling down they was floating up back into the trees, the next thing I saw was outside my house and I could see the postman walking backwards up the street and a blue car driving backwards. I opened my eyes and ran to the front door just as I opened the door the postman was there handing me my letters and I looked into the street and saw the same blue car driving past, I said thank you to the postman and shut the front door, I said to Rebecca so what I was seeing was just a few moments into the past before it happened, so how do I see back more into the past, Rebecca said the way to do that is when you close your eyes and your sitting in the woods imagine a clock going backwards and if you want to go back more imagine seeing the date going backwards as well. Okay I will try that later, but first I need to go and visit my friend again.
When I got to my friends flat I told her everything that had happened and even showed her how I could move things with my mind, I made a empty cup float from her kitchen and into her hand, that’s awesome she said and I take it you want me to make you a cup of tea, we both laughed at that and she went into the kitchen and put the kettle on.
Half way through drinking our tea I asked if she would do me a favour, anything she said just ask, okay I said this is what I want, can you tell me a time and date when you was doing something so I can practice seeing into the past, but don’t tell me what you was doing just the time and date, but once you tell me go into the other room so I can’t read your mind thinking about it. Okay she said how about I write down the time and date then go into the other room, that’s a brilliant idea I said. So that’s what she did and she handed me the piece of paper as she walked out of the room, when she had gone I looked at the time and date on the paper which was 4.30pm two weeks ago, I closed my eyes and pictured myself in the woods, but this time I saw a clock going backwards to 4.30pm and a calendar going back to the date my friend had given me, then I saw my friend sitting on her sofa with her son sitting next to her, he gave my friend a report card from his school and she looked at the card for a few moments and then said to her son well done that’s fantastic and then give him a big hug. I opened my eyes and called to my friend to come back into the room and after she sat down I told her what I had seen. Oh my god she said that’s exactly what happened, but I never told you that. Well I said I guess that’s the power of seeing into the past taken care of, we both laughed at that.
Will you stay for dinner said my friend we are having take way pizza tonight because it’s Friday and we are watching the lone ranger on dvd, okay I said that would be great, a few hours later my friends son came home from school and I told him about me being able to make things move with my mind, awesome he said, but I didn’t tell him about the other stuff I could do, he went into one and got very excited and asked me to move loads of things with my mind, at one point I had five things floating around the front room like his pens and pencils from his school pencil case, then he asked if I could make him float around the room, well I said I don’t know if I can, but let’s give it a try. After a few moments of concentration my friends son started to lift off the floor by about 3 inches and move across the room very slowly and after about 4 feet he touched back down onto the floor, wow he said that was awesome, it seemed to me that the word awesome was a word he used a lot. My friend could see that I was getting tried so she said that was enough for now and ordered the pizza, when the pizza was delivered which only took about 45 minutes we all settled down and put on the dvd. The lone ranger was a very good movie and very funny, Johnny Depp was brilliant as the Indian, but then Johnny Depp was good in most his movies. After the movie had finished and we had eaten all the pizza I myself felt tired so I said my goodbyes to my friend and her son and got a taxi home. It wasn’t long before I was fast asleep in bed.


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