The child finder part seven.

After I woke up the next morning and had breakfast Rebecca reminded me that I still had two more powers to learn of what she called the power of 7. Okay I said, but first I would like to watch the news, so I turned on the television and started to watch the news channel.
About ten minutes into watching it a news flash story came on, it was about a little seven year old girl by the name of Sarah who had been taken in Cornwall by a gang of men, but they had not yet asked for a ransom, the police had no idea where they had taken her. I turned off the television and said to Rebecca looks like we are out of time with the whole learning powers thing, that little girl needs us to find her and quick, Rebecca I need to learn the next two powers right now and then get on a train to Cornwall. Are you crazy said Rebecca the last time you learned two powers in a day you past out or have you forgotten that, it’s just too dangerous.
Look Rebecca that girl needs us its the only way I can help her so let’s get on with it, what’s the next power I said, okay said Rebecca I do understand, the next one to learn is astro projection it’s a hard one to learn, what it means is you can project yourself to any place you want just by thinking yourself there and you can also hold an object that belongs to someone and project yourself to where they are so that it’s easy to find them.
Right I said I am going to close my eyes and see myself in the woods again and then what just think of a place where I want to be, yes said Rebecca that’s it exactly. So that’s what I did, I pictured myself walking out my front door and down the street to the village, then I said to myself right let’s go down to the main town centre, I was just about to walk there when all of a sudden there was a rush of wind that was so strong it picked me up and pushed me through the air towards the town centre and within seconds I was there in the centre of town, well that’s quicker than the bus I said to myself. I then opened my eyes and I was sitting in the woods, then I opened my eyes for real and I was back in my house again, wow I said to Rebecca that was amazing, what a rush.
Okay Rebecca I want to learn the next and finale power whatever that is, right said Rebecca, but like I said it’s dangerous to learn two powers in one day, I know, but what choice do I have, okay close your eyes and go to the woods again and this time picture a clock that’s got a second hand ticking away and say to yourself stop over and over again in your mind, so that’s what I did and after a few minutes of trying it worked, I opened my eyes and went to my bedroom and picked up my wrist watch from my bed side table and sat on my bed looking at the watch, I said in my mind the word stop over and over again until finally my watch stopped. As I stood up I felt a little different almost light headed and I went to my bedroom window and looked out, to my surprise I could see that everything had stopped, there was a bird in mid flight just stopped in the air, this is so cool I said to Rebecca and she yes I know it was always a favourite power of mine, but it’s the most dangerous one because you can’t stop time for too long, so how do I start it again I said, that’s the easy part just look at your watch and say in your mind go. That’s what I did and I only had to say it once and time started again, I looked up out of the window and that bird started flying again. I feel a bit sick I said to Rebecca and all of a sudden the room started spinning and I fell to my knees, I didn’t pass out this time, but as the room was spinning there was a sharp pain in my head and my nose started to bleed, I told you its dangerous learning two powers in a short time, try not to pass out and you should be fine soon said Rebecca.
I wasn’t fine, as my nose bleed got worse the room did stop spinning, but the pain in my head got a lot worse, it was awful like someone had just put a knife into my skull, I screamed out with such aloud noise I thought my throat was going to explode and then all of a sudden it all stopped and I fell backwards. I just laid there on my bedroom floor for what seemed like hours, but I think it was more like half an hour, when I finally did get up my nose bleed had stopped, but by the amount of blood that was over me and my bedroom floor I think I must have bled out about a pint. I felt okay if not a little sickly still, but that may have been because of the sight of my own blood, what the hell was that I said to Rebecca with a sore throat, oh yeah I forgot to tell you that when you have practiced all seven of my powers you may get a little bit of a bad pain in your head sorry she said. A bit of pain, that was more than a bit of pain, that was worse than child birth, I could hear Rebecca laugh at that and she said how would you know about the pain of child birth your a man and she laughed again, well I said I have heard it smarts a bit, Rebecca laughed again and for some reason I laughed too.
I had a quick shower to clean myself up and got dressed, I did still feel a bit light headed, but I needed to get to the train station for the next train to Cornwall, when I got to the station and paid for my ticket I still had 45 minutes to wait for the next train and of course I would have to change at a few of the stations along the way. So I went to the nearest café and had something to eat and a strong cup of coffee with loads of sugar.
Why do I feel so light headed Rebecca, she told me it was because I now had the power of 7 in me which is why I felt different, oh okay I said. It wasn’t long until I was on the first train I had to get and I did feel a bit better as the day went on and at one point I even fell asleep, that is until Rebecca woke me up by shouting at me because I had to change trains. It took the best part of the day to get to Cornwall and as I got off I started to hear a few people talking about Sarah as I past them by. I stood outside the train station and rolled a cigarette and as I was smoking it a young couple came up and asked me for a light which of course I did, I could see the young woman was shaking as she smoked so I asked her if she was okay, well it looked like hand of fate had struck again because it just so happened that this young couple lived a few doors down from Sarah’s parents, so I told them I thought I could really help find Sarah, but I need to go and speak to them as soon as possible.
They asked me who I was so I said just a concerned citizen who really can help, so they said okay because the police was getting no were fast so we all got in a taxi to Sarah’s parents house. As the taxi pulled up I could see there were a few police officers around so I said to the young man just tell the police that I am your cousin or they won’t let me in the house. He did just that as we walked up to the house and the officer said it was okay to go in as he had spoken to the young couple that morning.
As I went into the house there was a few more officers there and in the kitchen was Sarah’s mother, the young couple said hello to her and introduce me as his cousin, I said my name and also how sorry I was to hear about Sarah and that I thought I could help find her, oh she said my husband is out with the search party and I was welcome to join them if I wanted to help. That’s not what I mean I said, I think you better sit down in the front room and tell me everything you know, the female officer behind me asked me who I was and I said a friend that’s going to find Sarah. We all sat down in the front room and Sarah’s mum told me everything she knew, apparently Sarah was playing outside with a friend when a blue van pulled up with four men inside and grabbed Sarah into the van and drove off at high speed, she even told me what time this was and what Sarah was wearing. After what she told me there was only one thing I could think of doing and that was to try and see into the past, so I asked if I could use their bathroom as I needed to go to the toilet, first door on the right up the top of the stairs said the female officer. As I closed the bathroom door I said to Rebecca this had better work, I closed my eyes and pictured myself in the woods, and saw the time it all happened then I pictured the front of the house and sure enough there was Sarah and her friend playing outside when the blue van pulled up and grabbed her from the street, they pushed her friend backwards and she hit her arm on the wall and then the van took off down the street.
When I got down stairs I could hear the female officer asking the young couple just who I was again, as I went in I put my hands up and told her I wasn’t a friend or cousin, but a psychic that could help find Sarah, the officer didn’t like this and started to push me out of the front room. I really can find Sarah I said, how’s her friends arm I shouted at Sarah’s mum. At that she stood up and said stop to the female officer, I never told you about her friends arm getting hurt, how did you know that, yeah said the officer just how did you know that because that’s not been released to the press. I told you I can see things that have happened and I can find Sarah if you just give me a chance.
We all sat back down in the front room and told them a little about what I could do, but of course not everything because that would freak them all out, I asked Sarah’s mum for something of Sarah’s that she would often play with like a doll, but instead she gave me a pink teddy bear and said she always goes to bed with it. Okay let’s see if I can find her for you, I held the teddy and closed my eyes and pictured myself in the woods with the teddy bear, I then closed my eyes again and tried to see Sarah, but all I could see was darkness, I was just about to open my eyes when I saw a small light like a candle and then I saw it moving towards me, as it got closer I could see it was a oil lamp and the man holding it was smiling at me saying I would be home as soon as rich daddy pays the ransom, then I could see bars in front of me, but I couldn’t move because my hands was tied up with rope and the man then walked past me and down a long tunnel, I was in some kind of box with bars and a lid. I opened my eyes then I was back in the woods and I said to Rebecca was I seeing what Sarah was seeing as if I was Sarah, yes said Rebecca, but only very powerful witches can do that, was you a witch in a past life, how the hell am I supposed to know that I said. I opened my eyes and I was back in the front room again, Sarah is alive I said and in some sort of cave, when is the ransom going to be paid.
The female officer said hold on that hasn’t been released to the press either how do you know about the ransom. That doesn’t matter right now I said, is there caves around here or not and it has to be a cave with a long tunnel in it. Just then the hand of fate struck again, it came across the female officers radio that the blue van had been found abandoned three miles out of town so I said to her we have got to get there before its too late for Sarah, so the officer, me and Sarah’s mum all jumped into her police car and drove off at high speed to were the van had been found. It was in an old abandoned building, is there any caves around here I said, yes there’s a few of them said the officer, but which one. I looked around and said out loud which way Rebecca, who’s Rebecca said the officer, it’s a long story I said, but I haven’t got time to tell you. With Rebecca’s help she guided us to the right cave a few hundred yards away, stay here I said I will go in, no way said the officer your not going in alone, please I said just stay here with Sarah’s mum I know what I am doing.
I got to the entrance of the cave and started to walk in, it took me a few moments to adjust my eyes to the dark then I carried on walking and it wasn’t long before I could hear the men talking, I stopped for a while and then walked slowly down the tunnel with my hand on the tunnel wall, the men’s voices was getting louder so I stopped again, I could hear them saying that as soon as the ransom was paid they was going to kill Sarah and make a run for it back to London. I walked very slowly again until I could see some lights up a head, the cave opened up to a sort of room about a hundred feet across, the four men was sitting around on chairs with an oil lamp each beside them and over the other side of the room I could see Sarah in a small box with bars all around it and a solid lid with a latch on top to keep the lid shut. The men couldn’t see me because I was far enough in the shadows, but Sarah could see me and she started to move, I put my finger up to my mouth as if to say be quite and I think she understood. I could see the ropes around her hands and feet so I reached out with my hand as if I could grab the ropes, but I was more than a hundred feet away, slowly with my mind I untied the ropes then I slowly pulled back the latch on top of the box. One of the men must have heard the latch move because he stood up and started walking to the box, I looked around the room for something to hit him with when I saw a metal bucket so I lifted it up with my mind and sent it flying across the room and smashed it over his head, the bucket was half full of piss and when he hit the ground it went all over him, he hit the ground hard and was knocked out, one down three to go I thought.
The sound of the bucket hitting the ground made the other three men jump up with shock and as they went over to their friend laying out cold I lifted up the four chairs with my mind and had them flying around the cave like bats, when they saw this they all started screaming and saying that there was ghosts in the caves, I knock one out with a chair, that’s two down, but then out of no where one of the men grabbed a shot gun and blasted the chairs to pieces, oh my god the noise from the gun was deafening.
It all went silent so with my mind I whipped the shot gun out of his hands and sent it crashing down on the other man’s head which knocked him out as well, then I made the gun fly over to me and I caught it in mid air, I walked into the room with the gun pointing at the last man standing you should have seen the look on his face, he was so scared I think he actually pissed himself. I walked over to the box and lifted up the lid so Sarah could jump out and she had the ropes in her hands, good idea Sarah I said let’s tie him up and see how he likes it. After I tied his hands and feet I made sure the pump action shot gun was empty and moved it well away from all of them, then I picked up Sarah in my arms and started to walk out of the cave, moments later I bumped into the female officer who had a flash light to guide us out of the cave tunnel. As we got to the entrance of the cave there was more police arriving and Sarah’s mum run up towards us and I handed over Sarah to her mum who was so happy to see and hold her that she started crying. She looked at me and the female officer and said I thought you was both dead when I heard the gun shots. The other police men and women went into the cave to get the gang of men that took Sarah and some officers took Sarah and her mum away to get them home. I turned and looked at the female officer and she said thank you to me and I said just how long was you in that cave and how much did you see me do. She started laughing and said long enough to have me locked up in a nut house, I laughed too.
We’ll that’s my life from when all this started and now it’s my job to find children that go missing, for I am the child finder. Of course there is one question I bet all of you have been asking yourselves as you have been reading my story, is this all true or is this just a story, well that’s up to you, but the real question is this, did all this happen to me or am I just a guy with a good imagination laying in a hospital bed in a very deep coma, well the answer to that is up to you too. The end. ?

I dedicate this story to my friends Kim and darren and of course to my son alex xxx


One thought on “The child finder part seven.

  1. Great story Andrew. All seven parts had me on the edge of my seat. Great question at the very end as well. You should certainly put this one in your book. It’s not not only gripping, but very well thought out as well. Rebecca sounds like a very nice witch.

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