my passion.

My passion is writing and my gift is being able to plan, write and edit at least five or six books or short stories on any given day.

That is the gift and the curse of any writer.

To be able to invent lots of different people and plots for storytelling, without even writing anything down on paper or type into a computer.

The only thing is being a writer doesn’t always pay the bills so like many other of you wonderful writers out there i also have a full time job in a brilliant warehouse doing the daily 9 to 5 .

I sometimes don’t have enough time or should i really say enough energy to do as much writing as i would like to do.

I sometimes wonder if writing is really for me.

Then i think of the buzz and the heart beating faster when iam writing and that’s when i hits me, it doesn’t matter if you write a blockbuster book and make millions from it or if you just write for your eyes only.

Keep writing, keep believing in yourself and above all have fun doing what you do best, see your dreams and write them down.

Good luck to everyone xxx


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