The child finder part four.

After my encounter in my friends bathroom with Rebecca appearing in the mirror I made myself a coffee and told my friend all about what happened, she agreed that it was very spooky and after about an hour I went home.
I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I went to my own bathroom and looked in the mirror, it was just me looking back so I ran the cold tap and splashed cold water over my face and once again when I looked up into the mirror Rebecca was there looking back at me with her smile on her face.
So what happens now what do you want me to do I said to her, Rebecca told me to go and lay down on my bed and close my eyes and try to relax, she said that she would start to give me her supernatural powers a little bit at a time, but I would get very bad headaches from this, the first thing she wanted to give me was the power to hear her speaking to me without having to see her in a mirror.
So that’s what I did and after about 5 minutes of laying on my bed with my eyes closed I started to get a headache, but only a very small one all over my head, I remember thinking this is not to bad, but they was famous last words because after about half an hour the headache got stronger, after about an hour the pain in my head was so bad I thought my head was going to explode and then it got worse as I could hear a very loud sharp sound in my ears like a loud whistle, after about 5 minutes of me rolling around on my bed with my hands over me ears it all of a sudden stopped, no more loud whistle and no more headache, I wiped a way my tears because I had been crying in pain and sat up on the bed, it seemed like I had been just sitting there for about half an hour when suddenly Rebecca said hello, hello can you hear me.
Well I got to tell you I was very freaked out by this, but I said yes I can hear you just fine, good said Rebecca I am glad that worked shall we continue with giving you the rest of my powers, hold on I said can I have a cup of tea and a fag before we carry on, she laughed at that and said okay we can take a break if you want.
Over the next 3 days I lost count of how many times I had to lay on my bed in pain while Rebecca gave me her powers, but when it was all over I was very glad I didn’t have to go through that again, okay said Rebecca now that you have all my powers it’s time to practice them, okay I said what do you want me to practice first.
Right she said first I want you to move something with your mind the powers will be weak at first so start with something small, so I took out a cigarette paper from my tobacco tin and put it on my kitchen table, Rebecca told me to think in my mind that I am picking up the paper with my fingers and that will make it move, I got to tell you that me sitting at my kitchen table just looking at the cigarette paper must have been a funny sight, after a few minutes the paper started to move up and down the table just a little bit which was very shocking at first, but then I got better than I thought I would, very soon it wasn’t just the paper I could move it was all kinds of things like cups and spoons, even plates I could move up and down the table.
After a few hours I could move whatever I wanted like the chairs and doors, then Rebecca said how about you try and lift things up in the air and float them across the room, that’s impossible I said moving things around is one thing, but up in the air how am I going to do that, Rebecca told me that when she was alive she could move things around and up in the air from 20 feet away from her and make them do whatever she wanted, now that I had the same powers why can’t I do the same.
So once again I started with the cigarette paper on the kitchen table, but this time I stood away from the table by about 3 feet, I was only looking at the paper for a few moments when it started to move, slowly spinning around at first and then to my horror it lifted up from the table just as if I had picked it up myself, all the time I was saying in my head lift up my friend, it was about 3 feet above the table when in my mind I asked it to come to me and I held out my hand and to my surprise the paper started to float towards me very slowly and then it landed in my hand just as I had asked it to do.
Wow I said to Rebecca that was awesome, your very good at this and a very quick learner she said, well I have got the best teacher in the world I said, she laughed at that. Over the next few hours I was trying to lift heavier things until at the end of the day there was nothing I could not move or lift with my mind I even managed to lift my sofa up about a foot in the air. By night fall I was very tired so I went to bed, I was just about to fall asleep when I asked Rebecca what other powers was I going to learn, you can only learn one power per day, but now is not the time to talk about what other things you have to learn, now is the time for sleep, tomorrow you will learn some more, within about a minute I was fast asleep.


The child finder part three.

The very next day I woke up and I was still at my friends place and the events of last night seemed like a dream, it was early morning so I got up and went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, to my surprise I had a thin streak of blonde hair exactly where Rebecca had run her finger through my hair,but that was just a dream wasn’t it or was it because I drank too much whisky. I ran the cold tap in the sink and splashed some cold water over my face and looked back in the mirror, the blonde streak was still there so I did it again with the cold water in my face and looked back up into the mirror, this time to my shock and horror instead of my own face in the mirror it was Rebecca, I must be dreaming I said out loud and to my horror Rebecca answered back, well I got to tell you I almost crapped in my underwear, your not dreaming she said. I was just about to speak when she told me to shut up and relax and to listen very carefully because she could not hold her image in the mirror for very much longer, she told me that when I died in hospital for 5 minutes she was able to join with me and that she had died over a thousand years ago, she also told me that she had been kind of floating around waiting for the perfect match for her so that she could enter that body and sort of live again, she said that when she was alive she was a powerful white witch that had what I would call supernatural powers and she was willing to give me the same powers because I had a destiny to use her powers to find missing children, there was a pause in her little speech so I said why would you help me find missing children, because she said when she was alive children went missing all the time and people would come to her to help find them and that her own child was taken and with her powers she found her daughter, but it was too late to save her life, so from then on she made it her life’s work to find the children before they too was murdered or worse.
Now when I give you my powers it’s going to hurt a lot, like headaches really bad headaches, but don’t worry you will survive this so I will give you them a little at a time because if I gave you all powers all at once your brain would more than likely melt. I can not hold my image in this mirror any more so I will have to say goodbye for now, do you have any questions, yes I do, so what you are saying is I am your perfect match your soul mate, yes that’s right she said, well that’s just great I said, my perfect soul mate turns out to be a white witch who has been dead for over a thousand years, just great, just bloody great. Rebecca just smiled at me and then she was gone and I was looking at myself in the mirror once more. Bloody great I said to myself, the perfect match up.


The child finder, part two.

Well as you can imagine my recovery was very painful, but at the end of it all I was back to normal with the walking and talking thing,but I still felt there was something very different about me. I hadn’t been back to work as yet which in a way was a good thing because I was able to stay up longer before going to bed, one Friday night I was visiting my friends for a few drinks and chat when a very old friend turned up out of the blue, it was another hand of fate because that night changed my life forever. My old friend was a healer of souls or so he says, I never really believed that,but he did and that was good enough for me, we talked about what had happened to me and the feeling of something different in me and when I has finished talking he just said we’ll let’s find out what it is that’s inside you, which I didn’t really understand what he meant, but I said okay to him anyway. We need to go into a dark room to do this he said so we asked our friend if we could use her sons bedroom, she said yes and we asked her son if he could leave the room which he didn’t like to do because he was playing on his x box at the time, but he understood in the end.
So my friend and I sat down on the floor facing one another and he lit up a candle which he had borrowed from are friend, he said a few words over the candle in a language I didn’t know then he told me to relax and take a few deep breaths, when I did that he said close your eyes and just listen, he put his hands on my shoulders and he started softly chanting words in another language again. As his voice got a little bit louder I noticed he sounded more like a woman and I thought that was a bit odd, but still I kept my eyes closed when all of a sudden in my mind I could see a old wooden door with cobwebs over it and I was in a very old room, it was just as if I had fallen asleep and was having a very wired dream. Suddenly the door started to open with a very squeaky sound like in the old horror movies, when the door had finally opened there in the doorway stood a woman, she was kind of pretty about 30 years old with long blonde hair and was wearing a black dress with a cloak and hood, she smiled at me and walked into the room. Hello she said my name is Rebecca, she walked right up to me and put her hands on my shoulders just like my friend was doing to me, my friends chanting was getting very loud now, this strange woman ran her finger through my hair and said to me in a soft voice, you and me are going to get along just fine, I said what do you mean by that, but she just smiled and put hand back on my shoulder.
All of a sudden there was a bright light and all I could see was white and I felt myself falling backwards, I was back in the room with my friend and he had fallen backwards too just as the candle flame jumped up about three feet with a blinding white light, within seconds flame was blown out and the bedroom was dark.
my friend and I both looked at each other and he said bloody hell that was a white witch, you brought back a white witch, then I said what was with all that chanting in that strange language you sounded like a woman, he said I wasn’t chanting I didn’t say anything it must have been her doing that.
We both sat up and looked at each other in total silence for what seemed like a few minutes, then at the same time we both said I need a very strong drink.


The child finder. part one.

Okay let’s start at the beginning. Just over a year ago if someone had asked me what’s your life like I would have said just normal just like everyone else’s life,just a boring average life where nothing really happens, but that was before my accident, on that day I was riding my motorbike going to see my son when I guess fate showed up in the form of a very big truck with a driver asleep at the wheel. I don’t really remember a lot after the truck hit me,but my doctors say that I was very lucky which was hard to believe because when I was in the ambulance on the way to the hospital I died, but only for a minute, it didn’t take long before I was in a operating room with a few doctors and nurses trying to keep me alive and all the machines they had.
For over 20 hours they battled to save my life and at one point during the operation I died yet again, but this time I was gone for over 5 minutes.
Now as you my not know when someone is gone for that long they should have called my time of death after just 3 minutes,but one of the doctors didn’t give up on me, why you may ask yourself well because that day was his birthday and he didn’t want anyone dying on his birthday, just another hand of fate for me I guess.
Well I got to tell you when your dead for that long something some times happens to you and oh boy something happened to me that day because where ever I went I brought something back with me of course I didn’t know that for a very long time after because when the doctors had finished putting my broken body back together I was in a coma for some time, 3 months in fact.
After I woke up from my coma I knew something was different with me, but I just couldn’t understand what, my body was so badly damaged that I couldn’t walk, in fact I couldn’t do anything not even talk. The doctors told my family that I wouldn’t walk or talk ever again that I would basically be a lifeless body on a bed, but my brain was working just fine, more than fine with readings off the chart and let me tell you this its because of my off the chart brain that I am able to write my story.
Over the next 3 months I showed so much improvement that even the doctors was saying it’s a miracle, not only was I able to start talking again, but I started to move my arms and legs, it took time and a lot of hard painful work,but I did walk again and now I am more than fine now I have a better than normal life.